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Requirements for Enrollment in Georgia Schools

  • Official birth certificate for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first-grade students; not necessary for older students who have a military identification card or previous school documentation showing birth date.
  • GA Dept of Public Health Certificate of Immunization (GA Form 3231) is required to be presented at registration. Please contact your assigned medical treatment facility to determine the process for completing the GA Form 3231.


  • GA Dept of Public Health Certificate of Ear, Eye, Dental, and Nutrition (GA Form 3300) is required to be presented at registration. Please contact your assigned medical treatment facility to determine the process for completing the GA Form 3300.
  • Child’s Social Security Card (a copy will be made and the original returned).
  • Withdrawal and/or transcript, report card, all special education records, and name and mailing address of the previous school attended.
  • Proof of residence (e.g., current electric, gas, water, cable, or sanitation bill; rental agreement, or mortgage documentation) is required. Some districts may require more than one proof of residence; contact your local Board of Education for precise requirements.

Active Duty members on approved orders may enroll their children in public school prior to physically establishing residency in the local area.

Registration in Local School Systems

  • Lowndes County Schools Central Registration (1592 Norman Drive, next to Board of Education). Call 229-245-2250 for additional information.
  • Berrien County, Lanier County, and Valdosta City Schools all enroll students at the school they will attend. For correct school zoning information, call 229-686-2081 (Berrien County), 229-482-3966 (Lanier County), or 229-245-5640 (Valdosta City Student Transportation).
  • The parent with “Primary Custodial Authority” or legal guardian with proper guardianship documentation must accompany the student(s) for registration. Individuals will be asked to provide a copy of the divorce decree and/or guardianship documentation to school officials for review. If you need assistance in obtaining this documentation, contact the Wing Legal Office at 229-257-3414 for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which school systems support the families assigned to Moody AFB?

The majority of the families assigned to Moody AFB attend school in either Lowndes County, Lanier County, Berrien County, or Valdosta City.

  • How do I determine my assigned school(s)?

The school systems that support Moody AFB are on a zone system. If you have an idea of where you’re planning to live, you can contact Lowndes County Schools’ Bus Barn at 229-245-2257 or Valdosta City Schools’ Bus Barn at 229-245-5640; give them your address and they’ll be able to verify your assigned school(s). Lanier County Schools and Berrien County Schools each have one primary, one elementary, one middle, and one high school.

  • Do the school systems that support Moody AFB offer school choice?

Lowndes County Schools and Valdosta City Schools offer a school-choice program within their school system. The choice program is provided on a space available basis and parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from school.

  • Am I required to have a place to live before I enroll my child(ren) into school?

Military families on orders are not required to have a permanent residence prior to registering their child(ren) for school. If you register your child(ren) for a school(s) that’s not in the zone of your newly established residence, you may be asked to move your child(ren) to the zoned school(s) or apply to the choice program (if it’s available at the current school).

  • What medical forms are required for school registration?

The Georgia Department of Public Health Form 3231 and the Georgia Department of Public Health Form 3300 are required for school registration. The forms must be signed by a licensed medical provider in the state of Georgia; the medical providers on Moody AFB are also authorized to sign the forms.

  • Can I complete the school medical registration forms prior to arriving at Moody AFB?

No. The forms must be signed by a licensed medical provider in the state of Georgia; the medical providers on Moody AFB are also authorized to sign the forms.

  • What is the age/birthday requirement for my child(ren) to attend Pre-K?

To attend Pre-K, your child(ren) must be four years of age on 1 September of the current school year.

  • What’s the process for homeschooling my child(ren)?

If you’re planning to homeschool your child(ren), you must complete a declaration of intent to the Georgia Department of Education Home Study. It’s recommended that you select a curriculum prior to submitting your declaration of intent. Declarations must be submitted by 1 September or within 30 days after a home study program is established. Parents must have a high school diploma or a GED to facilitate a home study program.

  • Which schools are supported by the Youth Centers’ before and after care program?

The Moody AFB Youth Center provides before/after care and transportation to Sallas Mahone Elementary, Dewar Elementary, Pine Grove Elementary, and Pine Grove Middle.

Homeschooling/Cyber-School Resources


  • The Georgia Lottery for Education funds the state preschool program.
  • Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning manages the Georgia Pre-K program.
  • Children four years of age on September 1 of the current school year, whose parents are Georgia residents (to include military personnel stationed in the state of Georgia) are eligible to attend the Georgia Pre-K program during the school year.
  • Georgia Pre-K Program is voluntary.
  • MAFB Child Development Center Pre-K program enrolls on a “first come, first served” basis in April annually.
  • For more info, contact 229-257-9220.

School Attendance

  • (GA Dept of Education Rule 160-5-1-.10).
  • The state of GA is STRICT about attendance.
  • Parents are reminded to submit a written excuse within 3 days after a child returns to school or IAW with their school district policy.
  • Parents should make/retain copies of all such documents. If parents are contacted about a child’s attendance, do not delay in responding to the School Resource Officers.

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