Family Child Care (FCC)

Family Child Care is the care of children in affiliated homes, either privatized base housing or off-base homes.

The Family Child Care Program Provides an alternative to center-based care for families that need full-time, part-time, hourly care, swings, mid-shifts, evening care, weekend care, care for children with special needs, infants & school-age children, as well as care when attending reserve duty.

Parents wishing to enroll their children in the FCC program should visit to search for a provider.

Prior to starting care in an FCC home, parents must complete all registration forms with their provider of choice.

Each Family Child Care provider determines his/her hours of operation.

Parents know that the provider’s home has been inspected and that the environment and safety of the home have met the AF standards for in-home child care.

The parent will know that the provider has received training in appropriate child care methods and emergency procedures. Care can be provided when the Child Development Center and Youth Center’s School-Age Program are closed. Care is provided in a home environment with a small group ratio.

Eligibility and Participation

Children ages 2 weeks through 12 years of all active-duty members, reserve members during Primary UTA weekends and A.T., civilian employees, or contractors employed at Moody AFB.

Child care is provided on an equal opportunity basis in all FCC homes. Children are required to have current and updated immunizations. Single military parents or dual-military parents must have a copy of their current AF Form 357 (Family Care Plan) on file with the FCC provider.

Parents must sign a contract, which will be maintained by the provider.

Children who have chronic health problems, including HIV-positive children, will not be discriminated against.

Child Abuse and Neglect

It is the policy of the Family Child Care Program that any suspected abuse or neglect be referred to the base Family Advocacy Office.

DoD Child Abuse/Safety Hotline: 877.790.1197.