Flight Services

Career Development

  • Assignments
  • Retirements/Separations
  • Promotions
  • Reenlistments/Extensions

Installation Personnel Readiness (IPR) Office

  • Unit Deployment Manager (UDM) assistance
  • Personnel Deployment Function (PDF) assistance

Force Management

  • LeaveWeb assistance
  • Commander Support Staff (CSS) assistance
  • AF2096 actions (duty title, SEI updates, etc.)
  • Evaluations (OPRs/EPRs, LOEs)
  • UIFs/Control Rosters, G-Series orders processing
  • In-Processing assistance
  • Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP)

Customer Service

  • CACs
  • Dependent ID cards
  • Marriages/Divorces/Births/Deaths
  • Official Passport/Visa applications (by appointment ONLY)

Contact Information

Reenlistments & Extensions

DSN: 460-1937/Commercial 229.257.1937
Email: 23FSS.DPMPE@us.af.mil


DSN: 460-1911/Commercial 229.257.1911
Email: 23fssfsmpdrelocations@us.af.mil


DSN: 460-1939/Commercial 229.257.1939
Email: 23FSS.FSMPD.PROMOTIONS@us.af.mil

Retirements & Separations

Force Management/Customer Support

DSN: 460-2791/Commercial 229.257.2791
Email: 23fssforcemanagement@us.af.mil

Installation Personnel Readiness

DSN: 460-3605/Commercial: 229.257.3605
Email: 23FSS.IPR@us.af.mil

Military Identification Cards

DSN: 460-4660/Commercial: 229.257.4660
Email: 23.FSS_FSMPD.CUST.SERVICE@us.af.mil

Awards and Decorations

Awards and Decorations: 23.FSS.FSMPS.AWARDS.AND.DECORATIONS@us.af.mil

NOTE: The Customer Service section is open 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM on ACC Family Days. They are also open 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on UTA Saturdays to assist customers.